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Insider’s scoop | Define quality

Homecare Insider, May 16, 2016

Editor’s note: This week’s Insider’s scoop is from Quality Care in Home Health: Improving Patient Outcomes and Agency Scores. Homecare providers need to focus on patient education and engagement initiatives to ensure better outcomes and compliance, and receive referrals for post-acute care. This book provides the tools health agencies need to address the measures and improve publicly reported survey results. Click here for more information.

Many agencies use the terms quality assurance and quality improvement interchangeably. However, they’re two different things.

Quality assurance is a retrospective assessment and often is used to determine who is at fault when issues are identified. An example of quality assurance is determining who did not complete a certain task, such as completing an incident report.

Quality improvement, however, involves prospective and retrospective reviews. It is aimed at improvement, determining a current situation, and how to get better. In this process, there is no blame, and the goal of quality improvement is to create systems to prevent errors from happening again. Quality improvement consists of continuous actions that lead to measurable improvement.