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What were MedPAC’s recommendations to CMS regarding the agency’s proposed cuts to home health payments for calendar year 2015? What were the Partnership for Quality Home Healthcare’s counter suggestions?

Homecare Insider, September 8, 2014

In a letter to CMS, MedPAC stated that proposed reducts “will be too small,” citing technical factors that will enable agencies to experience lower reductions—and, in some cases, even increases—in payment.
“We recommended to Congress that rebasing be implemented in a shorter period, and also recommended eliminating the annual payment update,” the Commission wrote.
In a press release, the Partnership for Quality Home Healthcare countered these recommendations, stating that additional cuts would jeopardize providers’ operations and patients’ access to care.
As an alternative, the Partnership supports legislation that calls for post-acute care bundling and the establishment of value-based purchasing programs. Two such pieces of legislation include “The Bundling and Coordinating Post Acute Care ACT” (BACPAC) and the “Securing Access Via Excellence” (SAVE).