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CMS releases interim version of OASIS in wake of ICD-10 delay

Homecare Insider, June 2, 2014

CMS recently announced that a new, hybrid version of OASIS will take effect on January 1, 2015—three months later than the original implementation date—to accommodate the latest ICD-10 delay.

The new data set, referred to as the "OASIS-C1/ICD-9" version, will contain all the OASIS-C1 data set modifications that were approved by the OMB in February 2014. However, the five data items contained in OASIS-C1 that require the use of ICD-10 codes will be replaced with their original ICD-9 counterparts:
  • M1010 (Inpatient Diagnosis) will replace M1011,
  • M1016 (Diagnosis Requiring Treatment Change) will replace M1017, and
  • M1020/M1022/M1024 (Primary, Other, and Payment Diagnoses) will replace their fellow ICD-10 parallels M1021/M1023/M1025.
These unanticipated modifications to the OASIS-C1 data set will require additional revisions to the OASIS-C1 guidance materials, which were scheduled to be posted last month. The delay has also resulted in a postponement of the National CMS OASIS-C1 webinar that OASIS Answers, Inc. was scheduled to present for providers with CMS on April 30.
OASIS-C1 was expected to arrive in a simultaneous transition with ICD-10 on October 1, 2014. The interim version is CMS’ response to the legislatively mandated delay of ICD-10, which is now slated for implementation on October 1, 2015.