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Have you started your ICD-10 training?

Homecare Insider, February 10, 2014

Joan L. Usher, BS, RHIA, COS-C, ACE is one of the preeminent coding trainers in the focus area of home health and she has worked with Beacon Health to create great ICD-10 training materials for your agency! Usher is a home health expert so these products are exclusive to your healthcare expertise. Take a look below and learn more about how to start your ICD-10 training today!

ICD-10 Coding Proficiency for Home Health Webcasts
Are you looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to prepare your agency for the ICD-10 transition? Beacon Health has developed a four-part webcast series dedicated to ICD-10 coding proficiency in home health.
In just 90-minutes each month, you can gain valuable insights and tips on accurate ICD-10 coding essential to your agency. Not only will Usher help you break down the new coding conventions, but she will also provide insight on accurate coding for conditions including diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cerebral palsy, and wounds.
ICD-10 Coding for Home Health: A Guide to Medical Necessity and Payment
ICD-10 Coding for Home Health: A Guide to Medical Necessity and Paymentwill provide coding tutorials, as well as, analysis and guidance on the most common diagnoses and most challenging coding situations within the homecare setting. The book also features an exam to test your knowledge and ensure coder proficiency.
This book will help you:
  • Coding how-to for the most common diagnoses in the homecare setting
  • Overview of OASIS-C1 and how it will accommodate ICD-10 codes
  • Guidance on how to properly document and code in ICD-10 to ensure proper Medicare payment
ICD-10 Coding for Home Health: A Guide to Medical Necessity and Paymentis a companion resource to Beacon Health’s ICD-10 Essentials for Homecare: Your Guide to Preparation and Implementation. Together, these resources will help your agency remain profitable and compliant under the ICD-10 coding system.