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Beacon Summer Webcast Series: Have you signed up for the June, July, and August webcasts?

Homecare Insider, June 17, 2013

Looking for a cost-effective, monthly in-service for your entire staff? In just 90-minutes each month, you can get insights and tips on ways to manage common, but difficult, regulatory issues that plague even the best-run homecare agencies.

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June 27: Hospice Audits: Strategies to Minimize Audits and Denials from MACs

Prevent Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) from impacting your operations and cash flow. Hospices are facing more scrutiny and audits from their MACs than ever before. Our expert speaker provides practical strategies to minimize the risk of ADRs and help your facility avoid an impact to its bottom line.

July 18: Survey Preparation: Readiness strategies and standards compliance

Maximize your survey readiness with tips and strategies from expert Cheryl A. Pacella DNP(c), HHCNS-BC, CPHQ. During this webcast you will learn what to expect when a surveyor visits, how to properly prepare both charts and staff, and create an approved corrective action plan.

August 15: OASIS-C 2013 Update

The understanding and mastery of the OASIS-C assessment is critical for every homecare agency. The assessment impacts quality, outcomes, and payment making it critical that you thoroughly understand this tool. The assessment is also expected to undergo significant updates to meet regulated documentation burden reductions and to comply with the rollout of ICD-10. Are you up-to-date on the current status of OASIS-C?

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