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Know the Criteria for Osteoporosis Medications

Homecare Insider, February 16, 2009

It seems that more and more agencies are receiving referrals for administration of the two osteoporosis injectable medications, Calcimar® and Forteo®.  Pay attention to some important coverage considerations to consider when planning care and building a case for Medicare coverage.
• Medicare limits coverage to female beneficiaries.
• The patient must have previously sustained a bone fracture that a physician certifies was related to post-menopausal osteoporosis.
• The physician must also certify that the patient is unable to self-inject and that there is no able or willing caregiver available to do this.  Many subcutaneous medications are usually considered to be self-administered so documentation must show why the patient cannot self-inject and that the agency determined there are no caregivers available to learn this.
• The patient should have a diagnosis of senile (post-menopausal) osteoporosis (733.01) to support therapy.

There is a question that has not received a definite answer.  Forteo is administered daily, in most cases for a period of two years.  Does the two-year duration meet Medicare’s definition of a finite period?  Given that this is a defined and documented course of treatment — daily for up to two years — there is the expectation of an end date.  

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