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Other developments: CMS issues drug billing FAQs, addresses eRx incentives

Medicare Update for Physician Services, April 7, 2011

CMS posts new FAQs on drug billing

CMS has posted the following new FAQs:

Can Medicare Part B pay for a nebulized drug administered incident to a physician’s services while treating an acute medical condition, and can payment for the equipment also be made to the physician?

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Will Medicare Part B pay for a drug from a single dose vial if it is administered to more than one beneficiary?

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CMS addresses e-prescribing incentives when billing through multiple practices

CMS’ physician regulatory issues team (PRIT) recently addressed the question of whether a physician must qualify for the e-prescribing incentive at each practice at which he or she works, or if qualifying at one practice would suffice. The PRIT determined that CMS policy is as follows: A physician that works under two different tax ID numbers would have to meet the requirements to avoid the payment adjustment under both of the tax ID numbers. This same rule would apply to a physician being paid the incentive. The physician would have to meet the requirement for one of the submission options for both facilities that they work with.

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