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Sen. Grassley introduces new Medicare and Medicaid fraud legislation

Compliance Monitor, March 9, 2011

Senator Chuck Grassley introduced legislation to build on key reforms to fight fraud in Medicare and Medicaid, according to a press release from Grassley’s office. Grassley filed the measure March 2, the same day the Senate Finance Committee held a hearing to explore ways to fight healthcare fraud.

The bill includes provisions that would:

  • Limit tax dollars lost to fraud by giving the government more time to pay Medicare providers when fraud, waste, and abuse are suspected
  • Enhance coordination among federal agencies responsible for fighting medical identity theft, in which thieves use personal and health insurance information to bill for medical treatment and prescription drugs fraudulently
  • Stop payments for illegal, unapproved drugs
  • Beef up enforcement capabilities by expanding the range of individuals subject to penalties
  • Require Medicare claims and payment data to be available to the public by provider name for the first time, similar to other federal spending disclosed on

View the bill

View Grassley’s statement at the Finance Committee hearing

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