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Other developments: OIG audits neulasta, and more

Medicare Update for Physician Services, November 4, 2010

OIG audits CMS’ use of error rate data

On October 7, the OIG issued a review of use of Medicare fee-for-service (FFS) error rate data to identify and focus on error-prone providers. The OIG determined that CMS and its contractors did not use historical Hospital Payment Monitoring Program and Comprehensive Error Rate Testing program error rate data to identify and focus on error-prone providers. CMS concurred with the OIG recommendations to do so.

View the OIG report.

OIG audits neulasta billing

On October 5, the OIG issued an audit report on Part B carrier payments for neulasta injections in California and Hawaii from 2004–2007. For 105 Medicare claims reviewed, the seven providers under review billed Medicare for the incorrect number of service units of neulasta, resulting in overpayments of $194,000.

View the OIG report.

CMS publishes quarterly compliance newsletter for providers

CMS has posted the first issue of a quarterly compliance newsletter aimed at providers. This quarter’s edition contains billing guidance related to issues identified by the RACs.

View the new publication.

New EHR incentive FAQs available

There are new/updated FAQs regarding the EHR incentive program.

View an updated listing.

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