Corporate Compliance

Former home health company owner sentenced to prison for healthcare fraud

Compliance Monitor, June 24, 2009

Judge Robert G. James sentenced Janice Davis, former owner of Aging Care Home Health Care (ACHHC) located in Monroe, LA, to 15 months in federal prison for healthcare fraud, according to a Department of Justice (DOJ) release.
In July 2008, Davis pleaded guilty to concealment or falsification of records in a federal investigation. The DOJ subpoenaed Davis in July 2003. Davis allegedly destroyed, concealed, and falsified records and documents in order to deter the investigation into whether ACHHC had submitted documents claiming doctors had provided services they did not perform.
The 2003 subpoena followed a 2002 False Claims Act case against ACHHC, which alleged the company tracked physicians “Care Plan Oversight” services and billed Medicare as a means to induce patient referrals from physician. In 2004, the federal government joined the suit and alleged ACHHC created a sham physician advisory board to pay kickbacks to physicians for Medicare referrals.

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