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Medicare Insider, June 10, 2009

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This week, you’ll notice a difference in the Medicare Weekly Update.  I’m pleased to announce that HCPro has launched MedicareFind is a new regulatory database product that allows you to find answers using keywords and the MedicareFind thesaurus.  You can sort by date and also check just certain years, document types (e.g., transmittals), or sources of information (e.g., OIG, CMS). 

There are a couple special features I really liked when I was using the beta version.  This is the only source I am aware of that has the regularly scheduled Hospital & Hospital Quality Open Door Forum call transcripts and audio files.  These are an invaluable resource for getting insight into some of CMS’ recent “clarifications.”  I also worked with the developers on the NCCI database to include current and historical data so you can always tell when an edit was started or when it was deleted. 

One of the most exciting things for myself and the other instructors/contributors is that we will be joining the blogosphere, as our Notes from the Instructor are posted on the MedicareMentor Blog.  You will be able to read and respond to our Notes, with an online place for you to post and chat.  In fact, this Note will link over to the blog for the rest of my discussion on the manual changes to condition code 44 information, so you get a chance to take a look at the blog and new posting sites.

Also beginning this week, the links within Medicare Weekly Update will also send you to MedicareFind to get your relevant documents.  Of course, we will continue to give you the citation as well so you may continue to use the CMS Web site to find documents, but I think you will find MedicareFind an excellent resource.  To give you a chance to check out MedicareFind, the editor put a query box in the top right of the Medicare Weekly Update.  Try a FIND from the query box and you will get an opportunity to review the website. (Note: Users of the 2007 version of Outlook should click on the "View Web Version" link at the top of this e-newsletter, then use the FIND box on that page.)

The last thing I want to mention, as my former students already know, is that I am always looking for value when I make a purchase.  Having worked for smaller non-profit community hospitals, I always had to make the most of limited resources; and in today’s times, it seems everyone has to do the same.  This product is a great value; it has everything I think a hospital staff member, manager, or even director needs when researching Medicare—and at a cost I would have been able to squeeze into even my most limited budget.  I encourage you to check it out. Believe me, you will be pleasantly surprised—no sticker shock here, just value. 

Click over to the MedicareMentor Blog to read my note about condition code 44.


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