Corporate Compliance

Miami physicians, medical workers charged with Medicare fraud

Compliance Monitor, February 18, 2009

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has charged six Miami-area healthcare workers with defrauding Medicare for approximately $10 million via an HIV infusion scheme, according to a February 13 DOJ press release.
Carmen Lourdes del Cueto, MD, Roberto Rodriguez, MD, and Carlos Garrido, MD were co-owners of Midway Medical, a clinic that specialized in administering infusion treatment for HIV positive patients. Midway allegedly ordered medically unnecessary treatments and falsified records to make the procedures appear necessary, according to the DOJ. It also alleges Midway billed for services that the clinic never provided.
Gonzalo Nodarse, Alexis Carrazana, and Alexis Dagnesses, allegedly aided the physicians in their scheme. The DOJ alleges Nodarse and Carrazana helped falsify medical records and Dagnesses allegedly manipulated blood samples to make it appear patients had diseases they didn’t actually have.

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