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Tip: Develop a work plan post risk assessment

Healthcare Auditing Weekly, September 30, 2008

After you have completed a comprehensive risk assessment of your organization, it is time to take all the information collected and develop a work plan. Developing a risk assessment into an audit and compliance plan requires multiple steps. Keep in mind the plan must belong to the whole organization, not just to the audit and compliance departments. It is critical to get management involved in this process. Use the following guidelines to develop the plan:                  
  1. Organize the information. Examine your information for common themes or concerns to see what they reveal about particular departments or the organization as a whole. When the patterns emerge, capture them and summarize them for management presentations.
  2. Analyze specifics. Target the concerns that affect individual departments or service lines. Depict these issues so that leadership will be able to plan possible courses of action.
  3. Assess management’s response. Carefully examine the results of the answers from management to portray management’s view of institutional risk.
  4. Prepare the reports. Once you’ve gathered all your information, translated the data, and determined your purpose, organize it into a written report and prepare verbal and visual presentations for senior leadership. Don’t forget to schedule a meeting to discuss your findings.
This tip is adapted from The Healthcare Compliance Professional’s Guide to Risk Assessments. For more information about the book or to order your copy, visit HCMarketplace.


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