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News: CMS announces proposed home health changes for 2013

Case Management Weekly, August 1, 2012

CMS recently announced proposed changes to the Medicare home health program for 2013 that it says will foster greater efficiency, flexibility, payment accuracy, and improved quality. 

The proposed rule would reduce Medicare payments to home health agencies in calendar year (CY) 2013 by 0.1%, or $20 million, according to a CMS press release. CMS proposes rebasing and revising the home health market basket to ensure that it continues to adequately reflect the price changes of providing efficient home health services. 

In acute or post-acute care settings, the rule seeks to provide additional flexibility for certifying patients as eligible for home health benefits. The rule proposes other changes to help ensure patients maintain access to therapy services, while reducing the burden on home health agencies. The proposed rule would also promote quality of care by ensuring that home health agencies that don’t comply with federal health and safety standards, known as the Conditions of Participation, could correct their performance and achieve prompt compliance.

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