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Mentor moment: Seeing RED

Case Management Weekly, July 4, 2012

Project RED (reengineered discharge), an innovation from Boston University School of Medicine, relies on a discharge advocate to coordinate all aspects of discharge and features a discharge list similar to a pilot’s preflight checklist. 

 The 11 components of the RED process are mutually reinforcing. They comprise the following checklist:
  • Educate patients throughout the stay regarding primary diagnosis and any relevant comorbidities
  • Reconcile the discharge plan with national guidelines and critical pathways
  • Confirm the medication plan
  • Schedule appointments for any necessary post-discharge testing and physician follow-up
  • Discuss tests completed in the hospital with the patient and explain who will follow up with results
  • Organize necessary post-discharge services
  • Instruct patients what to do if a problem arises
  • Expedite the transfer of the discharge summary to physicians and other clinicians who will provide post-discharge treatment and services
  • Verify patients’ understanding by asking them to explain their discharge plans.
  • Provide patients written discharge plans
  • Call patients after discharge to reinforce the discharge plan and assist in solving any problems
 Editor’s note: The preceding article is adapted from Reducing Readmissions: A Blueprint for Improving Care Transitions published by HCPro, Inc.

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