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Mentor moment: Can a case management team approach benefit your organization?

Case Management Weekly, June 13, 2012

A team approach can benefit the case management process, but it requires strategies to achieve your goals and avoid pitfalls associated with the process.

 Use these strategies for an effective team approach at your organization:
  • Focus on patients. A common focus keeps the process grounded; remember who it's designed to benefit.
  • Establish a clear vision. Know what you want to accomplish. Without a foundation, your process can easily go off track.
  • Anticipate resistance. Gaining case manager support can be a major challenge. Change is difficult, and this particular change can be substantial. It's normal for some people to reject a new model when large-scale change occurs.
  • Allow sufficient time. It can take many months to transition to a team model. Don't underestimate how much time might be necessary.
 Editor’s note: This article is adapted from an article that originally appeared in the June Case Management Monthlypublished by HCPro, Inc.

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