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Sneak peek: Ensure the right fit when hiring a physician advisor

Case Management Weekly, June 13, 2012

Your physician advisor (PA) provides a critical link between case management and physicians. PAs need deft communication skills, regulatory knowhow, and a stiff backbone.

Not all physicians are cut out to be PAs, says Linda Sallee, MS, RN, CMAC, ACM, IQCI, director of Huron Healthcare in Chicago. And many physicians don't actually want the job, she says.
This challenging role sometimes pits PAs against their colleagues. "The PA is often in a position to have to take unpopular stands with the medical staff, which can become a real challenge, particularly if they have to push a colleague that might be a referral source," says Mark Michelman, MD, MBA. Michelman serves as medical director of case management and vice president of medical affairs at Morton Plant Mease Health Care in Clearwater, Fla.
For case managers, getting the right person for the job can pay big dividends-shorter LOS, fewer denials, and more appropriate use of medical tests.
Editor’s note: This article is adapted from an article that originally appeared in the June Case Management Monthly published by HCPro, Inc.

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