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Sneak peek: Understand home health rules for better care

Case Management Weekly, June 6, 2012

For many patients, home health services can mean the difference between a successful recovery and a hospital readmission.

 But, patients who need services go without because of confusion over eligibility requirements, says Jackie Birmingham, RN, MS, CMAC, BSN, vice president emeritus of clinical leadership at Curaspan Health Group in Newton, Mass.
"Hospitals are sometimes more restrictive than they need to be," says Birmingham. And sometimes home health agencies are overly conservative out of fear that patients won't qualify for services, says Karen Zander, RN, MS, CMAC, FAAN, principal and co-owner of The Center for Case Management in Wellesley, Mass.
Patients ultimately pay the price. Is this the case at your organization? It may be time to examine your home health policies and processes.
Editor’s note: This article is adapted from an article in the June Case Management Monthly published by HCPro, Inc.

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