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News: Providers share Recovery Audit Program experiences

Case Management Weekly, May 23, 2012

Facilities experienced a big uptick in activity with many reporting both automated audits and records requests, according to individuals who responded to HCPro’s 2011 Recovery Auditor Benchmarking Report, released earlier this year.


The 431 respondents represented hospitals of all sizes and all four Recovery Auditor regions. Respondents were fairly evenly distributed among providers of different sizes, with 21% from small hospitals with fewer than 100 beds and 31% from larger hospitals with more than 400 beds. All regions were well represented, but Region C had the most respondents.


Providers cited demand letters (21%), tracking recoupments back to individual claims (17%), and the discussion period (16%) as the most challenging issues.

Editor's note: The previous article is adapted from a report about the 2011 Recovery Audit Program Benchmarking Report that originally appeared in the May Case Management Monthly published by HCPro, Inc. Visit the Revenue Cycle Institute website to download a complimentary copy of the complete benchmarking report.

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