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Audio conference: Medical Necessity 2012: Case studies and top documentation risk areas

Case Management Weekly, April 4, 2012

Medical necessity continues to gain national attention as Recovery Auditors scrutinize compliant patient status practices at facilities.

Learn how your organization can effectively monitor medical necessity and avoid unnecessary audits during HCPro’s May 3 audio conference, “Medical Necessity 2012: Case studies and top documentation risk areas.”

This 90-minute live audio conference will focus on top documentation areas for high-risk cases of audit and denial, and will describe real-life examples of successfully overturned medical necessity cases. Our expert speakers will also explain how to avoid medical necessity denials with a proactive approach.

After this audio conference, attendees will be able to do the following:

  • Identify documentation necessary for cases at high risk for an audit, included drug-eluting stents, cardiology, and syncopy
  • Explain how documentation for medical necessity and documentation for CDI coding differ
  • Provide examples of successfully appealed cases

Information about this audio conference is available at:

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