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Sneak Peek: Planning for homecare can reduce avoidable readmissions

Case Management Weekly, February 29, 2012

Case managers want their patients to leave the hospital with a successful transition to home or aftercare and not have to return to the hospital unnecessarily.

But the reality is that many patients are coming back too soon.

Nearly 20% of Medicare patients boomerang back to the hospital within 30 days of being discharged, according to Deborah Perian, RN, MHA, who works in the visit clinical leadership office, a support office for the skilled visit service offices, at Bayada Nurses, a home health agency in Moorestown, NJ. As many as three-quarters of those return visits may be preventable, Perian says.

A substantial number of rehospitalizations occur when patients are discharged home without aftercare, she says. Targeting the main causes of readmissions and forming strong partnerships with homecare agencies can help reduce readmissions substantially, says Perian.

This item is adapted from an article which originally appeared in the February, 2012 issue of the eight-page, HCPro, Inc. newsletter, Case Management Monthly.

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