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Audio conference: Observation services: A guide to compliant level of care determinations

Case Management Weekly, January 18, 2012

Understanding proper protocol for observation services creates confusion for many case managers, especially when trying to determine appropriate billing practices. “Observation services: A guide to compliant level of care determination,” a March 6 HCPro audio conference, will offer commentary from our expert speaker, Deborah K. Hale, CCS, CCDS, and will review observation case studies to determine proper billing protocol. Scenarios will include Condition Code 44, observation prior to inpatient admission, observation following outpatient surgery, and accounting for active monitoring. You'll walk away with proven strategies for billing observation services appropriately and preventing denials.

This is an intermediate level program and designed for participants with a basic understanding of observation services and Condition Code 44.

The program can help case managers do the following:

  • Describe billable opportunities for observation services
  • Calculate billable observation hours
  • Define complication of a procedure
  • Explain proper use of Condition Code 44

Information about this audio conference is available at

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