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News: Quality of care lowest among poor, minority patients

Case Management Weekly, October 12, 2011

Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) researchers identified 178 hospitals that provide the lowest quality of care at the highest cost and found that these facilities treat a higher proportion of poor, aged, and minority patients than 122 hospitals that provide high quality and lower-cost care.

The researchers discuss their findings in “Low-Quality, High-Cost Hospitals, Mainly In South, Care For Sharply Higher Shares Of Elderly Black, Hispanic, And Medicaid Patients” in the October Health Affairs. This month's edition addresses correcting disparities in the healthcare delivery system.

Programs such as the federal value-based purchasing incentives set forth by the Affordable Care Act, "will have a disproportionately negative effect on these hospitals unless we figure out a way to help them improve," Ashish, Jha, HSPH associate professor of health policy and lead author, said in a telephone interview.

Incentives will put a "double-squeeze on these hospitals" to make improvements or risk financial penalties.

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