Tip of the week: scavenger hunt for safety equipment

Accreditation Connection, July 25, 2005

1. List the location(s) of the fire extinguisher(s) in your department.
2. What is the safety officer's middle name?
3. Find a patient rights poster. What is the fifth right listed?
4. Find the policy about the right to request not to participate in the care of a particular patient. What is its policy number and where is it located?
5. Where is the oxygen shut-off in your department (if any)? Who shuts it off in an emergency?
6. Collect a blank sticker used to document that preventive maintenance has been completed.
7. Make a copy of the confidentiality statement signed annually by each employee.
8. Where is the shredder closest to your department?
9. What is printed on the back of your photo identification?
10. Locate the evacuation route in your department. Where is your exit?
11. When is the hospital's next orientation?
12. How often does the cafeteria menu repeat?
13. How long do you have to complete an incident report? (Hint: The policy is in the admin policy book.)
14. Make a copy of the MSDS for photocopier toner.
15. What are the dates of the JCAHO survey?
16. Where is the command center set up during a disaster? (Hint: The emergency management plan has this info.)
17. Where is the employee health office?
18. Who is the director of infection control?
19. Find the code of ethics. What does the second section cover?
20. Find the patient handbook. What does it say about wristbands?

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