Transparency and Termination Notices; CMS proposes changes for Accreditation Orgs.

Accreditation Insider, April 18, 2017

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On April 14, CMS sent out a memo with big proposals for accreditation. If passed, the proposed rule would require accrediting organizations (AO) to make their survey reports publicly available and publish termination notices somewhere other than in local newspapers.

Currently, AOs like The Joint Commission and DNV aren’t required to make their survey reports or plans of corrections available to the public. Under the proposed rule, AOs would have to post these on their websites. 

The agency does acknowledge that this information is already available on CMS regional office and state agency websites. However, the new rule is intended to make this information easier for patients to find.

“Access to survey reports and PoCs will enable health care consumers, in addition to Medicare beneficiaries, to make a more informed decision regarding where to receive health care thus encouraging health care providers to improve the quality of care and services they provide,” the memo states.

That interest in transparency leads into the second half of the proposed rule on termination notices. Previously, when an ambulatory surgical center, federally qualified health center, rural health clinic, or organ procurement organization receives a Medicare termination notice, it has to be published in a local newspaper. Acknowledging approximately 23% of the general public continues to read print newspapers, CMS has come up with a list of additional posting options.

If you want to read and comment on the proposed rule, you can find a copy of the memo and commenting instructions here. CMS will accept comments until June 13, 2017.

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