Greeley Reflections

Accreditation Connection, October 5, 2009

Prudence or wisdom? Can your policies pass muster?

Part 3 of 4

Once a policy has been developed or reviewed and revised, kick the tires? take it for a spin. Think about what it would have been like to test the policy of ?no talking when the physician is on the ward.? How could the patient communicate their needs?How would the nurse have discussed the patient?s condition and response to treatments? See if the steps that have been outlined in the policy make sense to the staff who will need to ensure implementation. Only then is the policy ready for the stamp of approval.

Once the policy has been developed, reviewed or revised, and you have taken it for the test drive, your work is not over. Ensure staff are educated or re-educated on the policy and any changes or nuances that need to be discussed. This piece of paper is only as good as the end user?s ability to consistently comply with the requirements and demonstrate competence.

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